Graphic designer, born 1987, Tel-Aviv.

Graduated in 2012, did broadcast design at Co-Op in 2013, Co-founded Public School, a graphic design studio and independent publishing house in 2014.

Too school for cool.

Curriculum vitae

Pax Israeliana is a reference index of modernist works and terms from the golden age of Israel, found online, quoted and scanned from a variety of books, catalogs and magazines.

Book - 364 Pages, 11x18 cm
Exhibition - April 8-30 2014, Holon Institute of Technology

Published by Public School Editions
Role: Editing, Publishing, Design (with Assaf Cohen)

Extract, Abstract, Deduct - 20 Cube Variations by Reuvan Berman Kadim.

24 Pages, 5x7 inches, Risograph printed

Published by Public School Editions
Printed by Issue Press
Role: Design, Editing, Publishing

Under the Mountain is a New Public Art festival held every summer as part of the Jerusalem Season of Culture. This book is a selection of performative actions in public space from the first three years of the festival.

80 Pages, 13.5x21 cm

Published by Public School Editions
Artistic director: Omer Krieger
Editing: Tea Tupajić
Role: Design, Publishing (with Assaf Cohen)

20 Geometric Abstractions in Red and Blue found in Daniel Peralta’s Sketchbook.

24 Pages, 5x7 inches

Published by Public School Editions
Role: Editing, Design, Publishing (with Assaf Cohen)

Channel Idents for Israeli music channel 24, a collaboration with Daniel Eatock. The idea was to create simple sound installations. Some objects move in a non-natural way, as Eatock put it, “more real than real”. 

Done at Co-Op
Role: Concept, Art Direction, Cinematography
(with Assaf Cohen, Roy Oppenheim, Daniel Eatock)


Holon Institute of Technology 2012 grad show, an exhibition in the age of information overload. Along with jumpy GIF invitations, we created a mini-exhibition within the exhibition itself, which featured documentation of the students’ work, for fast browsing in the short-attention-span digital age. Visitors could assemble and edit their own exhibition catalogue.

Role: Concept, Design, Production (with Assaf Cohen)

Brief Editions is a concept for a new type of book publishing.
In the age of information overload our attention spans are shrinking. Our reading is fast and distracted. We skim through content and snack information. Brief Editions takes significant books and makes visual, skimmed versions of them. Infosnacks for the digital age.

Role: Concept, Design, Animation, Programming, Photography, Music


Concrete Desert
Brutalist structures in the Israeli periphery.

24 pages, 5x7 inches

Role: Editing, Design, Publishing (with Assaf Cohen)